As a family standing behind Mitja, we have cultivated a strong sense of permanence in the craft of woodworking, which has been handed down through three generations in Carpentry Bolcic. Although we cherish our traditional expertise, we are an innovative company with a contemporary mindset. Every decision made is not only imbued with common sense, but also a sensibility for the materials, artisans, designers, products and nature.

We create furniture with the firm belief that quality of life also depends on the character of the objects we surround ourselves with. As the world’s fabric becomes more digital, people strive for a greater material experience. We embrace it too, as Slovenian identity goes hand in hand with nature.


Starting as a family-run carpentry, we have aquired an abundance of experience in making challenging furniture in wood since 1934. This heritage is a source of Mitja’s inspiration and passion. Together with a group of select designers, we transform our traditional methodologies through various collections of distinguished products. With their modern expression, they thus continue the line of mastery, dignity and longevity.



Mitja grew up in a carpentry with a strong handcrafted character. It therefore epitomises a craft that goes beyond mere surface treatment but expresses an arsenal of combined knowledge, established through 80 years of continous and dedicated woodwork.

From wood seasoning to wood sorting and selection by type and grain to wood processing, as well as a devotion to research, the company’s artisans accomplish meticulous detailing while constructing the furniture by hand. They approach the use of advanced CNC machinery in a similar fashion, considering it to be a kind of modern craft.