tangenta shelf


The products’ family geometry is based on a relatively thin solid wood board that interconnects in space through smooth tangent transitions. The design goal was to achieve practical flat-pack, extendable or stacking objects without compromising their ultimate refined appearance and lightweight construction. Special attention was given to details like smooth and tapered edges in order to further visually refine the thin planar look.


This flat-pack shelf is easily assembled by screwing vertical support boards onto horizontal shelf boards. Once tightened, the vertical support remains in a random position ensuring each piece has a unique final appearance.


SHELVES solid wood natural or colour stained
VERTICAL SUPPORT solid wood natural or colour stained
mitja materials
HEIGHT 120 cm
WIDTH 110 cm
DEPTH 35 cm
HEIGHT 85 cm
WIDTH 165 cm
DEPTH 35 cm
HEIGHT 50 cm
WIDTH 220 cm
DEPTH 35 cm
piktogrami-features-02suitable for contract use